"At the Mouth of the Smith River"

Ocean Fishing, Crescent City

Salmon Harbor RV Resort is located overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Smith River and is located approximately 8 miles from Brookings, Oregon and 13 miles from Crescent City, California. Both areas have a substantial following by fishermen  many who spend the entire summer with us. Ocean fishing for Chinook Salmon is open this year from May 1 through September 7, 2015. See below.  The threatened Coho (Silver Salmon) may be taken on the North Coast this year from June 27 through  August 9 or until 55,000 fish are caught. Only fish with a  healed clipped adipose fin may be retained. See below.

Check this link and view the proposed regulations for the 2015 season which are available in late spring.  Check the yearly regulations for bag limits. 

Charter boats operate out of both Brookings, Oregon and Crescent City, California ports. In addition to Salmon fishing these charters provide bottom fishing for rock fish, tuna and some conduct whale watching trips as well as Specialty trips to the "Lighthouse" located on St. George's Reef approximately a 10 mile trip by boat  from either the Brookings or Crescent City Ports.


Smith River Fishing

Salmon fishing begins in early September at the mouth of the Smith River and continues into November in the waters in front of Salmon Harbor Resort. Salmon in the 30 to 40 pound range are a common occurrence in the Smith River. Following the first heavy rains fishing moves up river although fish continued to be taken in tidewater.

The Smith River provides quality fly fishing for Salmon and many "fly fishers" make Salmon Harbor their home base while fishing up River.

Steelhead begin to enter the Smith River late in November and fishing continues into late February to early March. The Smith River is noted both for its large Salmon and Steelhead. Steelhead in the 18 to 20 pound class are not uncommon in the Smith River. Local guide service is available from permanent residents of the resort and other guides in the area