"At the Mouth of the Smith River"

Other Activities: California

Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery:

Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery is the only nonprofit fish hatchery in the State of California and is located in the town of Smith River approximately three miles south of Salmon Harbor RV Resort. This venture has been supported from private funds since its inception in the mid-1960's in support of the Smith River Salmon fishery. Tours of the facility are available during business hours at no charge but donations are certainly welcomed and very much appreciated.

Sea Run Cutthroat Trout:

Sea Run Cutthroat Trout are available in both the Smith River in California and in the Chetco River in Oregon. This is a fishery well known to the residents of the area but not exploited by visitors who are unaware of its existence. The cutthroat are in the rivers between the months of May and October and provide a rewarding experience for those fishing for these "crafty" fish.

Red Tailed Perch:

Excellent fishing for red tailed perch is available on the sandy ocean beaches across the bay from Salmon Harbor RV Resort or on the beaches a few miles north at Kamph Wayside Park. In addition, they are taken along the Southern Beach just to the south of the Winchuck River. Other fishing sites include the sandy beaches at Gold Beach. Ask the management for more details as we ourselves are dedicated perch fishermen! 

Battery Point Lighthouse:

This unique lighthouse was built in 1856 and is located approximately 20 yards from shore.  It can be reached only during low tide.  The Del Norte Historical Society maintains a museum inside the lighthouse.  Click on click here for additional information.

North Coast Marine Mammal Center:

This facility located in Crescent City is one of three private Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers  for marine mammals in  California.  For additional detailed information on the work performed by this worthwhile organization, visit their web site by clicking here